Glam Up Pop Up With Jill Elyse

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Glam Up Pop Up With Jill Elyse Episode
Jill interview Doctor April Speed about her cosmetic line.
Glam Up Pop Up With Jill Elyse
Jill Elyse interview different business men and business women to get some insight what type of business they own.

The Glam Up Pop Up with Jill Elyse is a new innovative online television talk show created to cater to the health and beauty industry. The Pop Up show tours Atlanta and surrounding cities offering viewers the latest in fashion, beauty, skincare, health & fitness, and much more. The purpose of the show is to give professionals a new and exciting way to showcase their businesses, products, services, and talent.
The Glam Up Pop Up is a fast-growing platform and network of people to help market your business.